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              Privacy Policy

              Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Inc. (hereafter referred to as the "Company") believes that, among the rights of individuals, the right to the protection of personal information is important. The Company believes that the basis of its business lies in the protection of the personal information of its customers and that the Company is responsible for protecting such personal information. Accordingly, the Company has formulated the following policies for the protection of personal information and makes its directors, employees and collaborators familiar with the policies to ensure strict compliance.
              1. 1.Proper Collection, Use, Provision and Deposition of Personal Information
                1. 1.Before collecting the personal information of a customer, the Company explains the purpose of collection to the owner of the personal information and obtains their consent. The Company limits the range of use of collected personal information and handles it properly.
                2. 2.The Company may provide collected personal information to a third party within the range of legitimate purposes. In such case, the Company explains the purpose of collection to the customer and obtains their clear consent before properly handling the personal information.
                3. 3.The Company may entrust (or deposit) collected personal information to a third party for the purpose of, for example, ensuring smooth operations. In such case, the Company appoints an individual who can provide an adequate level of protection for the personal information and concludes an agreement, etc., with the employee for compliance with said level of protection and handles the information properly.
              2. 2.Prevention and Correction of Loss, Destruction, Alteration, Leakage and Unauthorized Access, etc., of Personal Information
                The Company strictly manages the personal information of customers and implements measures to prevent alteration, leakage, unauthorized access and other risks.
              3. 3.Compliance with Laws and Regulations for Personal Information and Other Standards
                The directors, employees and collaborators of the Company shall comply with the laws, regulations and guidelines for personal information protection in and outside of China.
              4. 4.Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Policies and In-House Rules
                The Company strives for the continuous improvement of in-house rules so that a level of personal information protection meeting the needs of society is effectively implemented.

              December 1, 2015
              Sachio Okumura, President

              The Company may revise some of the aforementioned policies. In such case, the Company will announce the revisions on this website.